Tama’s Tales: What Hindus and Muslims have in common

  in depth: Asylum in Switzerland https://tp.srgssr.ch/p/inline?urn=urn:swi:video:43526458&locale=en Embed code This content was published on September 21, 2017 5:00 PMSep 21, 2017 – 17:00 Tama Vakeesan was born in Switzerland – to Tamil parents from Sri Lanka. She’s interested in cultural and religious diversity in Switzerland. This week she meets members of the “Dialogue […]

Interfaith forum returns

THE AHMADIYYA Muslim community returns to Terrace Sept. 23 for another in a series of interfaith sessions. This one explores how to deal with economic and moral crises existing in the current state of the world. There are five speakers, each representing a faith community. Two are local, Pastor Blake […]