Chinese President Stresses Stability in Tibet

President Hu Jintao on Friday stressed maintaining national integrity, ethnic unity and social stability in Tibet, and other Chinese leaders also joined with national legislators in panel discussions. During a panel discussion with legislators from the Tibet autonomous region at the ongoing parliamentary session, Hu urged the consolidation of foundation […]

Law to ensure human rights

Controversial clauses that permit detention, arrest or surveillance of suspects at specific places, without informing their families, have been partially revised in response to an outcry to curb possible abuses of public security measures, as the latest amendment to the Criminal Procedure Law is tabled for lawmakers to read. Read […]

The warped morality of middle class

Credit: Friday Times: Wasim Saroya of Selvenia n any society, the middle class is self consciously bound by a self-devised code of morality and has definite ideas about society and where it should be heading. Middle classes tend to be overly sensitive to how they are viewed and so their […]

Amid Iran war of words, Palestinians are forgotten

By NOAH BROWNING | REUTERS ARABNEWS RAMALLAH, West Bank: A monumental wooden chair erected in Ramallah to symbolize the Palestinians’ sought-after United Nations seat collapsed this week after months of wind and rain. Bulldozers quietly took away the shattered remains by night. It’s collapse and stealthy removal could well serve […]