More than 2 million affected by China flooding

BEIJING – More than 2 million people have been displaced or otherwise affected by flooding in eastern China’s Zhejiang province that is also pushing up food prices, state media reported Sunday. Torrential rains have left huge areas of the relatively wealthy province under water, with 422,500 acres (171,000 hectares) of farmland inundated, […]

Bees and the Hidden Miracles of Honey

by Dr. Monzur Ahmed The honey bee exhibits a combination of individual traits and social co-operation which is unparalleled in the animal kingdom. A glimpse into the nest makes it apparent why honey bees have fascinated us from the earliest days of scientific observations. The infrastructure of the nest, the […]

University creates bee professor post

Bern University has set up a professorial post in bee health with the aim of better understanding the insect and its dwindling colonies. The post, funded with a SFr5 million ($5.89 million) donation by the Biel-based Vinetum foundation, will be attached to the university’s veterinary faculty. It aims to study the largely […]

Misspent energies …

Some voices in the US Congress are reportedly suggesting that the US cut back its financial contribution to the UN system and withdraw from some of its main bodies, such as the UN Human Rights Council, if the UN General Assembly votes in favour of recognising an independent Palestinian state […]

Jerusalem’s Festival of Lights

The light shines on Jerusalem JERUSALEM — When night falls on the Old City of Jerusalem this week, the walled enclave sheds its role as one of the world’s most contested pieces of real estate to become a luminous carnival of art installations and performances. Jerusalem’s Festival of Lights, now […]

France, Russia sign long-awaited Mistral sale

Russia’s Rosoboronexport military corporation and DCNS, the warships’ French maker, signed the contract on the sidelines of the Saint Petersburg Economic Forum. French Foreign Trade Minister Pierre Lellouche, who was present along with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, estimated the contract at 1.12 billion euros. A Mistral-class ship can carry up […]

French E coli child victim in serious condition

One of the seven French children hospitalised with E coli was in a serious condition Friday, according to hospital sources. The four-year-old boy needs intensive care and sophisticated medical techniques, they say. The child needed dialysis overnight, according to Health Minister Xavier Bertrand, who visited the hospital in the northern […]

Protest called in Morocco after king’s speech

Casablanca, Morocco (CNN) — Some protesters not satisfied with the Moroccan king’s proposed constitutional reforms have called for a peaceful demonstration Sunday. “The national coordinators (of the movement) have called for a demonstration Sunday for a truly democratic constitution and a parliamentary monarchy,” a member of the Rabat wing said […]

Ginger and feverfew ease migraines

Migraine sufferers treated with a homeopathic preparation of ginger and the herb feverfew may find some pain relief, according to a preliminary study. Feverfew, which is derived from a flowering plant, has long been thought to be a remedy for headaches. It might offer an alternative to standard migraine medications, […]

‘Biggest porcelain haul’ found in Indonesia

JAKARTA — A $70-million haul of Ming Dynasty porcelain has been found in a 16th-century shipwreck off the Indonesian island of Java, a Portugal-based salvage company said Friday. Arqueonautas Worldwide (AWW) and its Indonesia-based partner RM Discovery Inc. said an “archaeological reconnaissance operation” had confirmed the discovery of the “biggest […]