Western Africa

Religious divide in Africa

SUDAN was bombing South Sudan again last week, only a couple of months after the two countries split apart. Sudan is mostly Muslim, and South Sudan is predominantly Christian, but the quarrel is about oil, not religion. And yet, it is really about religion too, since the two countries would […]

Sierra Leone: Commendation and love.

Mama Africa has rewarded Ahmadiyya more than anyone in this plannet. It has opened its bossom for the message of Imam Mehdi(a.s.). “A picture is worth a thousand words”  Lets have a look at the picturous case study of Sierra Leone. This honor was bestowed to Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamat by […]

The Gambia: Humanity First organizes IT training

Humanity First IT Centre is the leading IT training provider in The Gambia as far as enrolment statistics are concerned. He urged the staff and volunteers to ensure that the targeted standards are upheld and never compromised. Source/Credit: The Daily Observer Humanity First The Gambia Branch Institute of Information Technology […]

Nigerian Sultan Hopes To Mediate Tensions

by Sabrina A. Mohamed, contributing writer. Panelists characterized Sultan Mohamed Sa’ad Abubakar as an Islamic leader looking to ameliorate religious tensions in Nigeria in a discussion on Monday night. The panel, which focused on Islam’s influence in Nigeria, was held in preparation for Abubakar’s visit to the University, which is […]