What can fear do to you?

Standard Times- Go SanAngelo Recently, when asked, “What can fear do to you?” I was reminded of two experiences. The first started with me asking a Sunday School class of first graders, “What would you say if someone wanted you to pray for them?” A visitor to the class, a […]

An Ahmadi Muslim Politician has been appointed as Human Rights and Goodwill Ambassador for Peace

Source: LankaWeb The International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) has appointed H.E. Malik Nasim Ahmed (Elected Reserve Member of the Swedish Parliament) as the International Human Rights Commission’s Ambassador for Human Rights and Peace At Large for Scandinavia Countries from Sweden from 16th April 2012. H.E. Malik Nasim was also appointed as […]

The Key To Inner Peace

Huff Post This afternoon the Dalai Lama addressed the public at the Stand Sheriff stadium at the University of Hawaii. Introduced by Pierre Omidyer, who organized this event with his wife Pam, His Holiness talked about the spirit of Aloha that points the way towards making peace. It symbolizes the qualities […]

Muslim community holds interfaith symposium

Source: Democrat and Down the street from the Rochester International Airport, where individuals from all corners of the world cross paths , a diverse group gathered to discuss the crossing paths of different religions and the role of faith in society. A banner printed “Love for all, Hatred for […]