Was bin Laden’s killing and burial legal?

A key detail in the initial narrative of the historic operation that killed the world’s most wanted man – al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden – has proven to be inconsistent, raising concerns about what really happened at the lavish gated compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. US president Barack Obama and his officials announced […]

FBI – The ten most wanted

It is interesting, that in the FBI’s ‘Ten most wanted’ there is no mention of Usama bin Laden being sought for the 9/11 attack. Could it be because they did not have sufficient evidence? (Just a thought…) USAMA BIN LADEN Murder of U.S. Nationals Outside the United States; Conspiracy to […]

An open letter to Mubashir Lucman

On April 21, 2011 the Supreme Court of Pakistan announced the verdict on Mukhtar Mai’s case. According to the verdict, the initial judgment of the Lahore High Court was upheld and five out of six accused in Mai’s gang rape were acquitted. Various news channels covered the acquittal including several […]