10 things Pakistanis don’t want to hear

The Express Tribune: Omar Kamal bin Farooq One of the biggest disadvantages of living in a nation as homogeneous as ours is that it is very seldom that you get to hear alternative narratives on history, religion, culture and society in general. People who try and present narratives that are different from […]

The circle of global criminals expands

By Rami G. Khouri The Daily Star A noteworthy but troubling recent development across the Middle East and North Africa has been the quiet resurgence of Al-Qaeda affiliates and Salafist militants confronting established regimes. This has occurred alongside the emergence of nonviolent Salafist movements taking the opposite route of engaging […]

The Real Muslim Problem

Source: Huff Post By Joyce S. Dubensky CEO, Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding There’s lots of talk about the “Muslim Problem” in the U.S. and abroad. Generally, I find that framing troubling. But recently some very ordinary experiences made me realize that there actually is what I can only call […]

Islamophobia in Europe: Racism repackaged?

Arwa Al-Rikabi ARAB NEWS “Islam and Muslims are incompatible with rationality”…Who do you think said this? It sounds like something Geert Wilders (leader of Party of Freedom-Netherlands) or Nick Griffin (chairman of British National Party) would say, but it is the French Orientalist Ernest Renan who declared this in the […]

Why Hatred of Islam Is Not Logical Time and again, the same illogical claims about Islam keep popping up from various people, whether they are pundits, commenters, or self-styled “experts” on Islam: Islam is “violent,” it calls for the “killing of all non-Muslims,” Muslims “must hate all non-Muslims,” or that Islam is a religion of “domination,” […]

Patterns of intolerance A PERSISTENT failure to deal with the canker of intolerance — one of the greatest threats to the Pakistani people’s mental health and their material well-being — is making the affliction day by day more unmanageable. A young non-Muslim woman has been living in Lahore for quite some time. […]

LAPD Modifies Surveillance Program Of Muslims

Huff Post LOS ANGELES (RNS) After lobbying from Muslim and Sikh leaders, the Los Angeles Police Department has agreed to modify its information-gathering program on suspicious activities after the New York Police Department came under fire for spying on local Muslims. Since 2008, the LAPD has used the federal Suspicious […]

Indonesia’s Rising Religious Intolerance

The NewYork Times- The opinion pages JAKARTA — Just a few days after Lady Gaga’s concert in Indonesia was canceled after protests by Islamic groups, I flew 1,370 kilometers from Jakarta to Padang, West Sumatra, and drove a further 130 kilometers, a four-hour journey along rough, winding roads, to Sijunjung, […]

Secret case against Pakistan officer

Daily News From his prison cell, a senior Pakistani officer accused of plotting with a shadowy Islamist organization to take over the military released his political manifesto: His call was for the army to sever its anti-terror alliance with the United States, which he contends is forcing Pakistan to fight […]