Interfaith tolerance

Brutality at the border

Leading Indian newspaper ‘The Hindu’ has asked India to make an “unreserved apology” to Bangladesh for Border Security Force’s brutal torture of a Bangladeshi man shown in a recent video. Source: Op Ed, The Hindu. New Delhi needs to make an unreserved apology to Bangladesh for the brutal conduct of […]

समाज में सद्भावना का अलख जगाएँ इतिहासकार

In the present context differences emerging out of class barriers is hampering the development of the country. In order to sort out the differences and unpleasantness, historians should shoulder their responsibilities and should work for promoting unity and harmony in the society. Professor (Dr.) G. S. L. Devra, Former Vice-Chancellor […]

Pakistan’s conference on Interfaith Harmony invites world leaders

Dr. Paul Bhatti advisor to prime minister of Pakistan on national harmony said Ministry said World leaders belonging to different religion have been invited on International Interfaith Harmony conference planned for February this year regarding promotion of interfaith harmony and interfaith relationships at national and international levels to deal with the challenges […]

تمام مزہب ایک انسان کو دوسرے انسان سے نفرت کی نہیں باہمی محبت کی تلقین کرتے ہیں

قادیان میں جماعت احمدیہ کے ١٢٠ ویں سالانہ اجلاس سے مختلف پیشوایان مذاہب کا خطاب Read more: Editor’s note: Sorry English translation is not available, try Google translator or some other software.  This news is about various speakers from different religions, emphasizing that all religions teach mutual love among humanity, […]

Peace Conference in Kansas City

Religious leaders and more than 100 people from different religions came together today to help people better understand the Muslim community. The purpose of the conference was to spread love and harmony. More than ten speakers from different religious communities spoke at the conference. Since respect for all prophets is […]