The women who rule India

Is India now living on woman power? The most powerful Indian is a woman – Sonia Gandhi, chief of the ruling Congress party. India’s President is a woman. The speaker of the parliament and the leader of the opposition are women. Mayawati, a Dalit (untouchable) woman rules India’s most populous […]

Universal brotherhood

ANEES AZEEZ The principles of universal brotherhood and equality as proclaimed by Prophet Muhammad, on whom be peace, represents his great contribution to the social uplift of humanity. God says in the Qur’an, “O Mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made […]

Religion and the public sphere in India

In contrast to most South Asian countries, modern India has always been officially ‘secular’, a word the country inscribed in its Constitution in 1976. Secularism, here, is not synonymous with the French ‘laïcité’, which demands strong separation of religion and the state. India’s secularism does not require exclusion of religion from […]

Muslim World League eyes better India ties

By P.K. ABDUL GHAFOUR | ARAB NEWS JEDDAH: Abdullah Al-Turki, secretary-general of Muslim World League, has reiterated his organization’s desire to hold an interfaith dialogue conference in the south Indian state of Kerala and hoped the Indian government would soon endorse the program aimed at improving relations among the country’s […]

Govt of India Documentry on Jesus in Kashmir!

This is something Sensational! The Government of India’s Film Division has now come up with a Documentary on the Reality of “Jesus in India!” The 52 mins documentary is called “The Rozabal Shrine of Srinagar.”   It has tonnes of evidence put together in a very constructive way.   Day […]

New Qur’an translation released

By M. A. SIRAJ | ARAB NEWS BANGALORE: A new translation of the holy Qur’an by Indian-American space scientist Dr. Nazeer Ahmed, titled The Qur’an: An English Translation was released here on April 28 in the Bangalore Press Club. Printed in Bangalore, the translation has been published by The American […]