How international development institutions are becoming hubs for addressing violent extremism

Eric Rosand Thursday, October 19, 2017   Observing recent developments in the United States, one might assume that countering/preventing violent extremism (CVE or PVE) is a quickly disappearing policy fad of the Obama administration. These efforts encompass a range of law enforcement and non-law enforcement means to prevent individuals from […]

Beware: Exploding Politics

Source: The New York Times By Thomas L. Friedman When the U.S. military trains fighter pilots, it uses a concept called the OODA loop. It stands for observe, orient, decide, act. The idea is that if your ability to observe, orient, decide and act in a dogfight at 30,000 feet […]


Protesters in White Plains urge Metro-North Railroad to denounce anti-Islam ad  Sep 7, 2012   | 1  Comments ZOOM Islamaphobia: Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner and Chappaqua resident Khusro Elley discuss their opposition to anti-Islamic signs posted at Metro-North stations in Westchester. / Greg Shillinglaw / The Journal News Written by […]