The Question-Driven Life

Source: NY Times August 18, 2011 The Question-Driven Life By DAVID BROOKS Rift Valley, Kenya We are born with what some psychologists call an “explanatory drive.” You give a baby a strange object or something that doesn’t make sense and she will become instantly absorbed; using all her abilities — […]

Study about Islam enters curriculums

Source: TribLive/News By Rachel Weaver In the 10 years since 9/11, teachers have taken instruction on Islam’s history and impact from brief references in some Western Pennsylvania classrooms to extensive overviews. “If we want our students to solve future problems, they must have a strong understanding of world religions,” said […]

Bar raised for university entrance

University entrance requirements will be raised in 2012, but students will also have four new subjects to count towards the required level. Religious Studies, Business Studies, Education for Sustainability and Home Economics were added to the list of approved subjects for next year as NZQA today announced changes to UE, […]

Foreign families trust Swiss boarding schools

by Susan Vogel-Misicka, Switzerland has a long tradition of hosting boarding schools. Today they attract mainly foreign students whose families appreciate this elite form of education. There are some 100,000 students enrolled in private Swiss schools, according to the Swiss Federation of Private Schools (SFPS). They come from all […]

Foreign universities target Chinese students

Source / Credit: China Daily Foreign universities are getting ready to grab a bigger slice of the education pie in China by firming up their existing partnerships and forging new alliances with Chinese educational institutions. Much of the optimism in Western academic institutions stems from China’s strong economic growth, the […]

It’s Muslim kids, not parents, who are embracing a politicized Islam Natasha Fatah This summer, thousands of people will become new Canadian citizens. Many of them will be Muslims. They have come to Canada from every corner of the globe and, like my parents did 24 years ago, they will make this peaceful, progressive nation their home. My parents left […]