Weaponising faith

Source: CT Now, it’s quite possible to argue that this is just a recognition that the state is historically Christian (and Catholic, actually) – as Bavaria’s chief minister Markus Söder does. But that’s not how it’s being seen by many Christians today. According to Evangelical Focus, a survey in Bild […]

Aging Quebec church looks to salad for salvation

Source: The Star By ALLAN WOODSQuebec Bureau MONTREAL—For much of the past 166 years, the silver-spired church in St-Pacôme, Que., has been nourishing souls. But over the next few months, the church will be decommissioned and transformed for a new, secular mission: nourishing people’s stomachs. The past decade has been a […]

Mormonism’s Global Future

Source: The Wall Street Journal By John G. Turner   It took a long time for a quintessentially American church to go global. In April 1853 Hosea Stout and two other Mormon missionaries stepped off a boat in Hong Kong. They expected immediate success: Their church’s apostles had promised they […]


Source: First Things by George Weigel The annals of sycophancy are, alas, replete with examples of churchmen toadying to political power. Here in the United States, we’ve seen too much of that among certain evangelical leaders recently. In today’s Sycophancy Sweepstakes, however, it’s hard to top Kirill, Patriarch of Moscow and […]