Wealth Inequality Is a Problem, but How Do You Even Begin to Solve It? – Is capitalislm working for USA? What is the Islamic solution?

Courtesy: The Atlantic You might consider America’s vast wealth inequality, vividly illustrated in this viral video, to be offensive, infuriating, or irrelevant. But it is not terribly mysterious. Rich people have more money. More money tends to lead to bigger properties, fatter savings, and better access to capital markets. As […]

How Islamic finance and a more ethical capitalism go hand-in-hand: According to Sir Zafarullah Khan

Source: Guardian UK By Sheeza Ahmad …  The mention of Muhammad is significant to understand how today’s Muslims are encouraged to create wealth; supporting the notion of an existing relationship between Islamic business and social enterprise. According to Sir Zafrullah Khan, the former Pakistani politician and diplomat, the Holy Qur’an […]