Lessons from the Brussels attacks

Mar 29,2016 -JORDAN TIMES – HASAN ABU NIMAH The early morning terrorist attacks at the main Brussels airport in Zaventem and at a crowded metro station shocked the whole world for their barbarity, their indiscriminate nature and the large number of innocent civilian casualties. The death toll of that bloody […]

Why Belgium sends mores recruits to ISIS?Europe’s Underbelly: Brussels Is the Ultimate Soft Target They were so proud last Friday when police managed to apprehend Salah Abdeslam. Finally, Europe’s most-wanted terrorist was locked away. The Belgian government was so relieved that they immediately released a photo to the world showing Prime Minister Charles Michel, with French President François Hollande seated next to […]

The main reason #StopIslam is trending might just restore your faith in humanity

 by Louis Doré in tech Maalbeek underground, Brussels, 22 March 2016 (Picture: SEPPE KNAPEN/AFP/Getty Images) At least 30 people killed in terror attacks in Brussels on Tuesday morning. Two explosions occurred at the city’s international airport, killing 11 people and injuring 81, while a third explosion occurred at Maalbeek Metro station, where […]

Belgium tries 46 over Syria jihadist links

Source: BBC Related Stories ‘Over 3,000 Europeans join jihadis’ Enforcing UN resolution on foreign jihadists Why is Islamic State so violent? Forty-six people have gone on trial in Antwerp on charges of belonging to a group that sent jihadists to Syria, the largest case of its kind in Belgium. Prosecutors […]