Banning the veil isn’t freedom

I was greatly grieved to hear of the full-face veil ban being criminalised in Austria. It is estimated that of the nearly 9 million people of Austria, this will actually apply to a mere 150 women. Certainly forcefully removing the garment from these 150 women will not solve Austria’s problems. […]

Austria to shut Islamic Kindergartens

Source: Austria’s Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz has called for the shutting down of Islamic kindergartens in the country. The comment was made at a public event set up by Kurier newspaper. “Of course, we don’t need them. There should be no Islamic kindergartens,” Kurz said when asked whether he […]

Austria’s full-face veil ban is a kneejerk reaction to the rise of the far right

theguardian: by Julia Ebner — In the hope of preserving the status quo the government is enacting a symbolic policy that feeds into identity wars between Muslim and non-Muslim   ‘The policy ultimately risks normalising far-right rhetoric, validating populist party programmes and empowering Austrian identity movements by demonising Muslim communities.’ […]