Body Count – a quantitative review of political violence across world civilizations

by Naveed Sheikh, University of Louisville – published by the Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic Thought – Jordan. This interesting small publication lists all casualties through genocide, wars, civil wars from the year 0 to the year 2008 CE. The total death-toll is recorded as 578’993’500 (median figures are used) and is distributed among […]

The Great Repression In Europe And The US “No government has ever commanded the resources at the disposal of our ungodly Leviathan, which consumes about 25% of the product of the world’s richest country. It is driven by a voracious alliance of government’s own employees, and those who receive benefits from the state. At least 90 million […]

US, Iran inching toward talks

Credit: Asia Times: By M K Bhadrakumar The foreplay is nearing completion on the Iran situation. The surest sign is that there were no serious takers in Western capitals for the Israeli smear campaign this week that Tehran’s agents had been going about placing bombs in New Delhi, Tbilisi and […]