USA: Ahmadiyya Muslim community is doing the great jihad against Extremism since the past 125 years

“Ahmadiyya Muslim community is doing great jihad against Extremism and radicalization for the past 125 years,” said Imam Shamshad Nasir Report by Azhar Ahmad Ahmadiyya Muslim community Glen Ellyn chapter dedicated the Friday prayers for the Humanity and especially the victims of San Bernardino Massacre in California. “We condemn this […]

USA: Harrisburg’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community hope to heal community with prayers and education

For the second time this week, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community prayed for the victims of the San Bernardino attacks, while also trying to educate the larger community that terrorism isn’t part of Islamic teachings. Source: Harrisburg’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Holds Vigil For San Bernardino VictimsCommunity members speak about San […]

USA: Ahmadiyya’s Meriden Mosque (the one targeted after Paris Attacks) Holds Vigil for San Bernardino Victims

Source: Religious leaders across the country are condemning the mass shooting in San Bernardino, including leaders at a Mosque in Meriden that appears to have been targeted after the terror attacks in Paris. They held a vigil Friday night to remember the victims of the San Bernardino shooting and pray […]