Accepting Islam

Rumi and Emerson: A Bridge Between the West and the Muslim World The writings of Jalalud’din Rumi, the 13th century Sufi Muslim philosopher from modern-day Afghanistan, and the works of Ralph Waldo Emerson, the 19th century Christian transcendentalist from Boston, Massachusetts, are filled with lessons that enrich every human soul. Rumi’s and Emerson’s similar thoughts on religious tolerance, love, and care […]

The Nature of Revelation

Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth Mirza Tahir Ahmad Part IV The Nature of Revelation HAT IS REVELATION? Is revelation merely a term used to describe the conscious or subconscious exploration of one’s inner world, or is its source an external being, whose knowledge transcends that of humans? Even people who […]

USA: First United Methodist Church of Glenn Ellyn invites the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Chicago to an interfaith dinner

“All pillars of Islam teach worship of Allah and peace”, said Imam Shamshad of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Chicago. Report by : Riyaz Ahmed, Chicago. On Wednesday, November 9, 2016, Pastor Kristen Larsen of the First United Methodist Church, 424 Forest Ave,Glen Ellyn, IL, invited the members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim […]

Photo News: Ahmadiyya Nigeria Visits Traditional Rulers In Osun

Source: October 20, 2016 L-R: Finance Secretary, Ahmadiyya Musilm Jama’at Nigeria, Alhaji Abdul Ghaniyyu Idris; Amir, Dr Mashhud Adenrele Fashola; The Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba Abdul Rosheed Akanbi,Ilufemiloye Telu 1and Naib Amir, Special Duties, Engr. Alhaji Ahmed Al-hassan, during the courtesy visit to the Oluwo of Iwoland in Iwo Osun […]

Nigeria: Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat applauds Buhari on release of 21 Chibok girls

Source: Ahmadiyya applauds Buhari on release of 21 Chibok girls The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria has applauded the giants strides of the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, towards the release of 21 Chibok girls through the efforts of the International Red Cross and the Swedish government on Thursday. The Ahmadiyya Muslim […]

The desire for theocracy in the Muslim world can be partly understood through the failures of Western secularism.

The Atlantic Monthly: Ben Affleck has become an unlikely spokesman for a view on Islam held by many on the American left. In 2014, the actor made a now-famous stand against Bill Maher and Sam Harris in defense of Muslims, arguing that it’s wrong to make generalizations about the religion based on ideological extremists and […]

New Zealand: Statement of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community about Anti Muslim Pamphlets distribution in Whanganui

Source: Anti Muslim Pamphlets distribution in Whanganui Friday, 9 September 2016, 10:10 am Press Release: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community NZ 9 th Sep 2016 Statement of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community about Anti Muslim Pamphlets distribution in Whanganui The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community New Zealand strongly condemns the reported distribution of anti Muslim […]