Harmony in Society: The Paninggilan Ahmadiyya Congregation

Knowing the existence of Ahmadiyah as an Islamic revival movement that cannot be denied by controversy, the Ahmadiyah group often experiences various conflicts between citizens, ranging from terror to attacks. However, this does not apply to the Ahmadiyya community in Paninggilan.

The history of the establishment of the Ahmadiyah in Paninggilan which is located at the Ar-Rahmat Mosque jl. H. Gedad No.14 Paninggilan Utara Ciledug Tangerang, started by a character named Haji Gedad, and Haji Gedad is a very influential figure in this Paninggilan area. From the start he was a champion figure and reportedly served as a lurah, and people at that time called him a sacred person and not only in the Paninggilan area, many people outside Paninggilan also called him a magic person.

He is known for the greatness of his mysticism and was destined to meet Mr. Rahmat Ali HA. OT he is the first preacher sent by Hazar Khalifatul Masih As-Tsani r.a to Indonesia.

read more here https://www.kompasiana.com/fadla03383/61d14b30166717443a024213/kerharmonisan-terjalin-dalam-bermasyarakat-jemaat-ahmadiyah-paninggilan

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  1. Yes, some nasty incidents happened in the Ahmadiyya Muslim Persecution in Indonesia, however, contrary to Pakistan a lot of articles and meetings happen in defence of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. In Pakistan such pro Ahmadiyya efforts are few and far in between.

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