3 Recommendations for Novels by Okky Madasari that Must Be Read, From Maryam to Entrok

Anugrah Diat3 Recommendations for Novels by Okky Madasari that Must Be Read, From Maryam to EntrokIllustration of reading a book (pixabay.com)

Okky Madasari is one of the domestic writers who has produced many quality novels. His background as a journalist makes Okky Madasari understand issues and things that happen in society but escape the attention and discussion of many people.

It is these issues that Okky Madasari later raises in his novels. Even though they are fiction, these novels are written with the background of conditions that actually exist in society. 

Okky Madasari’s understanding of many issues makes his work not only interesting in terms of story and conflict, but also has a deep message and meaning.

The following are 3 recommended novels by Okky Madasari that you must read.

1. Maryam

Have you ever felt how it feels to be a marginalized group like the Ahmadiyah? The book entitled “Maryam” by Okky Madasari invites us to experience it.

“Maryam” tells the story of the life of a woman who comes from an Ahmadiyya family. He lives a different life from other people who feel safe and guaranteed their human rights. 

As an Ahmadiyah person, he had to experience various discriminatory treatments such as being insulted, considered heretical, to being expelled and threatened with death. This is something that is usually accepted by marginalized groups, not only Ahmadiyah.

This novel invites us to look at it from the point of view of the marginalized. Feel what it’s like to live like those who are always filled with fear. So that by reading this book, it is hoped that we can become wiser and not act arbitrarily towards marginalized groups.

2. 86

Okky Madasari’s next novel is “86.” This novel is not about a police team patrolling, but about the chaotic condition of our country due to corruption. Novel “86” tells how corruption not only arises because of bad people, but also because of a chaotic system.

People who are basically good and have good work intentions, eventually fall into the world of corruption because the existing system leads them in that direction.

This book illustrates to the reader how this system occurs in every half of life. In almost every case, we cannot escape corruption, whether big or small. Ironic, but it’s the truth.

3. Entrok

The novel “Entrok” tells about the life of a woman who lives in poverty. However, living in poverty did not make him despair and give in to circumstances. Instead, poverty makes him have a high fighting spirit to be able to have a better life.

In this novel, Okky describes that women are not weak and can only follow men. However, women can also achieve what they want with their own struggles. This reminds the reader not to look down on a woman.

Those are the recommendations for novels by Okky Madasari that you must read. You can buy these books in online or offline bookstores .

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