Travelling exhibit aims to answer questions about Islam, tackle Islamophobia

Travelling exhibit aims to answer questions about Islam, tackle Islamophobia | CBC News

Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth taking part in initiative called Islam in Motion, I Am Muslim Ask Me Anything

CBC News · Posted: Aug 19, 2021 5:38 PM CT | Last Updated: August 20

Shahrukh Abid says the cross Canada tour is a chance to tackle Islamophobia. (Don Somers/CBC News)

Saskatoon residents had a chance to ask any questions they have about Islam at an event Thursday afternoon in front of city hall.

Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association were there as part of a national initiative called Islam in Motion: I am a Muslim, Ask Me Anything.

Organizers are traveling across the country with a mobile exhibition, talking to Canadians about Islam and combating Islamophobia. 

“A a lot of misconceptions are a result of a small group of people that don’t really follow Islam, but use Islam as a political tool,” said Shahrukh Abid, a representative with the Ahmadiyya Muslim community.

“A lot of questions are being asked like is Islam a violent religion? Do you guys force people to convert? Things like that. But we’re removing all those misconceptions and saying that no, we’re here in peace and that’s what Islam teaches us.”

Abid said that when presented with the true teachings of Islam, a lot of Canadians change their minds.

The youth will travel about 16,000 km as they visit cities from coast to coast.

“It’s just a way for us to tackle Islamophobia and let people know that we’re not dangerous. You know, that Islam means peace and that we’re here as Canadians, loyal citizens of this country,” Abid said.

Ahmadiyya Muslim youth are taking part in a national initiative called Islam in Motion: I Am a Muslim, Ask Me Anything. (Don Somers/CBC News)

With files from Don Somers


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