MIT Catholic chaplain forced out after message on Floyd killing and protest


The MIT campus in Cambridge. The Archdiocese of Boston asked the university’s chaplain to resign last week.SCOTT EISEN/BLOOMBERG NEWS. Suggested reading by the Muslim Times: Is Human Life Sacred: The Body and the Spirit?

Source: Boston Globe

By Deirdre Fernandes 

An MIT chaplain was asked to resign last week after he sent a message to the university’s Catholic community suggesting that George Floyd’s killing by a white Minneapolis police officer may have had nothing to do with racism and questioning Floyd’s character.

The Archdiocese of Boston asked the Rev. Daniel Patrick Moloney, who had been MIT’s chaplain since 2015, to resign on June 9 because of an e-mail he had sent two days earlier in the midst of nationwide protests over the killing and calls to address racism in policing and other parts of society.

“The personal opinions echoed in his comments regarding the murder of George Floyd do not reflect the positions of the Archdiocese,” a statement sent to members of the MIT Catholic community announcing Moloney’s resignation last week said. While the comments should not reflect on all of Moloney’s ministry, the archdiocese statement continued, “they nonetheless were wrong and by his resignation he accepts the hurt they have caused.”

The archdiocese became aware of Moloney’s e-mail after being notified by MIT’s Catholic community and university alumni, said Terrence Donilon, a spokesman.

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