How to make sure Trump or anyone like him never, ever returns to power


President Donald Trump speaks during a ‘Evangelicals for Trump’ campaign event held at the King Jesus International Ministry on January 03, 2020 in Miami, Florida.
Joe Raedle | Getty Images

Defanging the most toxic elements of the Trumpian right would benefit the world as well as the United States. But it’s up to his opponents to devise strategies to make that a reality

Borzou Daragahi
12 hours ago

One silver lining of the pandemic now unfolding around the world is that it could spell an end to the age of right-wing populism. With his handling of the coronavirus crisis, Donald Trump has single-handedly shown the dangers of entrusting the levers of state to narcissistic right-wing showmen.

According to polling numbers, he is not only on course to lose the elections, but may also flip the Senate in favour of the Democratic Party.

Democrats in Washington are already whispering about setting up an agenda for a post-Trump era. Even Republicans, sickened by Trump’s missteps – such as recommending the injection of disinfectant to cure Covid-19 – are looking ahead.


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  1. Sorry, personally I am not optimistic that ‘past-corona’ all of a sudden we will have better governments and better economic policies.

      • Once in a while I agree with him, can’t think off hand now when was the last time though. Anyway, I did not approve of Obama’s drone wars (too many ‘collateral damages’) not the two Bushes Iraq wars. So nothing personal really.

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