From India to China the world’s Muslims are being put into concentration camps


India has planned 10 centres across the northeastern state of Assam for up to 1.9m people

Years of global inaction against discrimination prove that economic interests trump speaking out. It’ll be business as usual for the likes of India, China, Saudi Arabia and more

Ranjona Banerji
Wednesday 11 September 2019

There’s a little test that you can do on the internet to prove whether you are an Indian citizen or not, based on the National Register of Citizens, being applied by law in the state of Assam.

You will most likely fail. The test does not allow the usual privileges of being born in India to parents born in India, plus simple paperwork. “None of the above” is the usual answer for form fillers. Because how else do you make life as difficult as possible for those whom you want to segregate and crush, except with impossible rules and arcane paperwork?

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), when it came to power in 2014 under prime minister Narendra Modi, promised to complete the National Register of Citizens (NRC) process, long in cold storage for the very reason we see around us now. The BJP, however, unlike other parties who used the NRC at election time only, wanted to provoke the incipient hatred of religious minorities and Muslims – to win electoral dividends.



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  1. God say: what ever bad thing fall into you is come from you.
    and what ever good thing come to you is from God.
    Most Muslim around the world run away from God’s teaching, they worship idols ( Black Stones and Kaaba)
    That is why
    With love ❤️

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