There is another election the world should be paying attention to this week – in Algeria

Authorities in the country long ago alienated the more-than-one-in-four Algerians under 30 who are unemployed

Robert Fisk
Thursday 12 December 2019

It’s the one election which really counts. It’s an election which could have a devastating effect on the European Union. It’s an election about poverty, unemployment and immigration, and about lies. Many millions of voters would prefer that the election was abandoned.

So forget the charade of Brexit and the political suicide of the United Kingdom. The election which really matters is being held today in Algeria, where more than 24 million people are supposed to vote for five pro-regime candidates effectively chosen by the same corrupt military that has governed the country for the past 57 years. Vast and peaceful demonstrations across Algeria have called for this utterly fraudulent poll to be cancelled.

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