US, UK & Canada slam China and Pakistan for persecuting & repressing religious minorities at UN Meet


World Asian News International Aug 23, 2019 10:52:24 IST

Raising the issue of suppression of religious freedom at the UN, the US, the UK, and Canada slammed China and Pakistan for ‘persecuting and repressing’ their religious minorities.

During a UN meeting in New York, the US, UK, and Canada expressed concerns over the increasing, widespread and undue restrictions on religious freedom in the two countries

They also highlighted the discrimination suffered by the Uyghur community in China and of Christians, Ahmadis, Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan

New York: Naveed Walter, President of Human Rights Focus Pakistan, apprised the United Nations about the “biased behaviour” of Chinese and Pakistani regimes against minorities in their respective countries. He also pointed out that in countries like China, national security was being used as a pretext to curb religious freedom of the minorities.

“Today, a large number of people are marginalised in their own societies. The biased behaviour dwells in other areas also, like the minorities on the basis of religious affiliation as in Pakistan, Ahmadis having a situation; like China, a growing number of countries using national security as a pretext for restricted religious expression at the role of religion in public domain,” said Walter.

China and Pakistan have been condemned internationally for …read more at source.

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