Islam making great strides among Cuban women

Source: Dunya News

More and more women wearing veils can be seen walking through the picturesque streets of old Havana, but these women aren’t tourists from far-flung places, they are Cuban Muslim women whose numbers are growing by the day.

Neither the Caribbean humidity, the difficulty finding Halal food, nor the existence of only one mosque in the entire country has dissuaded these women from finding their faith in Islam.

Most Cuban Muslim women are converts to the religion and have come to embrace their new faith for varied reasons: spiritual revelation, religious curiosity, or because they are in a relationship with a Muslim partner.

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  1. Congratulations to these women. I can quote Al-Qur’an 46:14. Indeed those who say : Our Rabb is Allah, and then remain firm, shall have nothing to fear or to grieve. They shall dwell in Paradise forever as a reward for their good deeds,

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