When CSIS comes knocking: Amid reports of Muslim students contacted by spy agency, hotline aims to help

Creators of University of Toronto-based student support line say spy agency often on ‘fishing expeditions’

 By Shanifa Nasser at CBC

 When Ramz Aziz received a nervous phone call from his mother-in-law two years ago, it wasn’t to check in on his new baby. Instead, two men were at her door, looking for him.

The pair identified themselves as public safety officers, and asked to speak with Aziz. She dialled him and handed one of them the phone.

“You’re a hard man to find,” Aziz recalled the one man saying, suggesting they meet for coffee.

Aziz was puzzled. A simple Google search would have shown he was a University of Toronto law student, he thought. Why show up at his in-laws’ place out of the blue?

Now 29, Aziz remembered thinking he didn’t know his rights, and didn’t know what to do. “You feel like you’re a criminal, even though you haven’t done anything wrong.”

Aziz isn’t alone.

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