Arabic calligraphy exhibition opens at Katara

19 Jun 2019

Basmalah Exhibition by Iranian artist Abulfadel Khuzaei held at Katara. Pic: Baher Amin /The Peninsula

By Raynald C Rivera / The Peninsula

Iranian artist Abulfadel Khuzaei creatively inscribes “Bismillah – In the name of Allah” in 30 different variations using various types of Arabic calligraphy, which are on show in his solo exhibition which opened on Monday at Katara Cultural Village.

Using different Arabic calligraphy scripts, colours and Islamic designs, Khuzaei showcases his expertise in creative interpretation of the significant phrase from the Qur’an and most prevalent motif in Arabic calligraphy in an exhibition titled “Basmalah” which reflects the beauty of the Arabic calligraphy across the Islamic world.

“This exhibition features 30 art pieces, all of which have the phrase ‘Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim.’ The artist has used six types of Arabic calligraphy such as Reqa and Thulthuth,” Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, Katara General Manager, told The Peninsula.

While lauding the artist for his impressive method and style, Dr. Al Sulaiti added that Khuzaei had also written the entire holy Qur’an by hand. “I think this is one of the best exhibitions of the year when it comes to this type of art. This artist has also written the full Qur’an by hand so he is a great calligrapher and he is a formidable artist using different types and methods for calligraphy. We are very pleased here in Katara to host and always look for artists of this kind,” he added.

Katara has forged partnership with different missions in Doha in providing platform to different artists from all corners of the world to showcase their works, and for this exhibition Katara has collaborated with the Iranian Embassy.

“Katara has been working in cooperation with almost all embassies in Qatar. Katara is the place for artists, no matter where they are from. Katara hosts artists from Asia to Africa to Europe and other continents,” added Dr. Al Sulaiti.

Though the artworks bear the same phrase, they are made distinct with the colours and borders inspired by Islamic art. Having been in the field of calligraphy for over 20 years, the artist said he also adorns the frames using Islamic art style inspired by deep rooted Islamic heritage and civilisation.

Dr Al Sulaiti opened the exhibition along with Rida Shahrayor, Cultural Attaché at the Iranian Embassy , with diplomats and dignitaries in attendance including Fikret Ozer, Ambassador of Turkey; Axel Wabenhorst, Ambassador of Australia and Abdelsattar Al Janabi, Charge d’Affaires at the Iraqi Embassy.

The exhibition runs until June 23 and is open from 10am to 10pm at Katara Building 22


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