Extremist Muslims Disrupt a Quran Exhibit by Ahmadiyya Muslims in New Delhi

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Radical Islam is being appreciated by Indian authorities too

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January 21, 2019

By Ahmed Muzaffar Noori Bajwa

Allah has made The Holy Quran guidance for the whole of mankind. This book is not just a matter of guidance for Muslims, but for all mankind.

The Muslims who do not understand the Real Teachings of Islam and try to preach the literal meaning of what is on The Holy Quran, such as the Jewish people, as they say, that the God is only for us and He does not have any interest in other nations.

This Incident is at the time when the worldwide head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, who is basically from Rabwah in Pakistan but based in London had advised Ahmadiyyas across the world to hold exhibitions of the Quran after a pastor allegedly called for Quran burning in Florida in the US.

So, after this advice of the Khalifat ul Masih (Caliph of Messiah) on 24th September 2011, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat in India organized an exhibition on the Quran at the Constitution Club of India New Delhi.

The exhibition highlighted the teachings of the Holy Quran under a wide range of headings: Justice; Suffering; Death; Science; Peace; Women’s Role and Rank, and so forth.


On the display, there were translations of the sacred text in 53 languages—including Tamil, Telugu. Marathi, Russian, Korean and Vietnamese—that the Ahmadis have successfully produced over many decades.

And our class was selected from Jamia Ahmadiyya Qadian to serve in this Holy Quran Exhibition.

The first day of this Quran exhibition was successful, but the 2nd day, the police came and surrounded the club.

And they asked us to shut down this exhibition of The Holy Quran and we did not retaliate. Our community teaches us the values of society. The core of the value is not to retaliate in a physical manner but in a spiritual manner. So, we did as they wanted us to do.

We were watching all of it unaware of the cause about what was going on and in a moment from nowhere crowd gathered along with Ahmed Bukhari and they started protesting against this Holy Quran Exhibition.

The authorities feared further for more violent protests. To their credit, however, the Delhi police did a good job of keeping the demonstrators from physically damaging the exhibits and the organizers.

As the protests grew, police took a few persons, including the Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid and his younger brother, in preventive custody for few minutes.

The media remained almost silent as Ahmed Bukhari is a source of vote bank for the then government. The Indian Express stated that Bukhari detained.

According to police, at least 56 people were detained from the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Marg in Daryaganj. They were planning a rally towards the Constitution Club.

He alleged that Ahmadiyyas, also known as Qadianis, have made changes in the Quran. We are saying that they can do whatever they want, but they should stop using the name of Islam/Muslims and the holy Quran for their propaganda, he said.

Imam Bukhari also blamed the Congress party. The hall for the exhibition has been booked by Congress MP Pratap Singh Bajwa.

MP Pratap Singh Bajwa has strong ties with The Ahmadiyya Muslim community and also favoured their motto; Love for All Hatred for None.

Mr Pratap Singh Bajwa is an elected member of Parliament from the constituency where the town of Qadian situated.

So, the three-day Quran exhibition put up by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat at the Constitution Club was cut short on Saturday after one day and a half.


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