Soldier Goes Missing In Iraq, But Turns Up Years Later With A Story To Tell

By JJ Foster, Jul 31, 2018

Who Is She?
At one point, Jessica Lynch dominated the media across the states and beyond. But the soldier wasn’t prepared to be part of a military that lied to the media. Lynch finally brought the truth to the surface of how her story transpired.

Early Days
At one point blonde-haired, blue-eyed Jessica Lynch was a symbol of hope for the American people. She was born Jessica Dawn Lynch on April 26, 1983, in the peaceful town of Palestine, West Virginia. But like many Americans, her beginnings were humble and she hoped for a better future. She wanted to explore the world and make a difference. “I wanted to improve my life and not just be there in Palestine forever,” she said. “I wanted to get out and do something.”

Realizing Her Dreams
In 2001, Jessica was nearing one of the most important days of her life – her graduation from Wirt County High School. But what did the future hold for her? The reality was that her family couldn’t afford to put her through college. Therefore, the Army seemed to be a worthwhile alternative to further education. Also, Jessica was determined to see the world, meet new people and experience other cultures. In her mind, there was so much more to see outside of West Virginia.



A Prime Example
Take this news report, for example. The Washington Post published a front-page article, reading: “Lynch, a 19-year-old supply clerk, continued firing at the Iraqis even after she sustained multiple gunshot wounds and watched several other soldiers in her unit die around her.” The post also quoted a unanimous official who claimed that “she was fighting to the death…She did not want to be taken alive.” But Jessica has dismissed these pictures that the media has portrayed of her as false.

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