ISIS commander and fighters surrender in Afghanistan, guesthouse arranged for their stay

Are ISIS Fighters Prisoners or Honored Guests of the Afghan Government?

Source: The New York Times

By Najim Rahim and Rod Nordland


SHEBERGHAN, Afghanistan — The top commander of the Islamic State in northern Afghanistan stood behind a lectern decorated with the shield of the Afghan government’s powerful intelligence agency.


On his left was the police general in charge of the province. Arrayed behind him was an assortment of other dignitaries: police, army, political figures. An attendant put a bottle of mineral water nearby, in case the intense heat made the commander thirsty.

This is how the Islamic State commander, Maulavi Habib ul-Rahman, began his “imprisonment” on Thursday. Along with 250 of his fighters, Mr. Rahman had surrendered the day before to the Afghan government in the northern province of Jowzjan, to avoid being captured by the Taliban.

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  1. May be this is the safe
    way to save them by their Masters & Can be used somewhere else in near future

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