No relief for Ahmadis

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    • Right. Actually if we compare these hateful faces with the peaceful ones of the members of the Ahmadiyya Jama’at no words are even necessary. It is immediately obvious who is on the right path.

      Once upon the time I ‘argued’ with an ‘anti-Ahmadi’ on the internet. I told him that I do not want to argue with him about stupid postings on the internet. I advised him to watch and then tell me what ‘mistakes’ he sees. His answer was: ‘Your Khalifa (at the time it was Khalifatul Masih IV), with his ‘golden smile’ is deceiving the whole world.’

      Ah well, why did Allah give him this ‘golden smile’? Compared to the hateful faces of his opponents? To me the answer is clear and I pray it will be clear to all viewers!!!

      • Rafiq— I love to see your Imam with smile face—but if I compare to Imam Ismaili — Ismaili Imam has pleasant smile— because I think he create many jobs to people around the world:

        Look ar this video . It is amazing Rafiq.

        All love ❤️

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