Denmark Talks (Reluctantly) About a Ban on Circumcising Boys

Source: The New York Times

By Martin Selsoe Sorensen


COPENHAGEN — Denmark has a long record of taking daring steps on issues like gender rights, development aid and green energy. But government ministers have reacted with dismay to the prospect of debating another potential world first: a ban on circumcising boys.


The very idea prompts uncomfortable questions about human rights, religious freedom and Denmark’s international interests. Even so, the country’s Parliament will soon be forced to consider it.

In Denmark, any proposal that can gather 50,000 signatures on Parliament’s official petition website is legally entitled to a debate and vote. A citizens’ petition demanding a minimum age of 18 for circumcision to protect “children’s fundamental rights” reached that threshold on Friday.

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  1. The Irish ladies used to have to go to UK for an abortion, will now the Danish Jews and Muslims have to travel abroad to go for circumcision? Will there be a ‘circumcision check’ upon return? with a fine may be?

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