Repeated violence against Ahmadiyah congregation in Lombok


Violence against the Ahmadiyah congregation in West Nusa Tenggara recurs. 
There is no accurate solution from the local government.

The most violent act of violence occurred on the third day of fasting, Saturday afternoon 
5/19/2018. The victim is again the Ahmadiyah congregation. 24 residents from seven Heads of 
Families. The majority are mothers and children.

The attack destroyed six houses and four motorcycles. The attackers are also not awkward
to remove goods from houses that dipuk. Mattresses and electronic items burned. 
The roofs were demolished.

According to Saleh Ahmadi, a spokesman for Ahmadiyya East Lombok, on Friday (5/25/2018), 
the attackers were residents of Dusun Grepek Tanah Eat, Greneng Village, East Sakra Subdistrict, East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

An hour after the invasion, the victims were transferred to the East Lombok Police Station.
Soon, they were transferred to the East Lombok Training Workshop.

The problem is, the masses again attacked the village off tarawih prayers, as well as on 
Sunday morning (20/5). Three lashes led to eight heavily damaged homes and four damaged motorcycles.

Saleh said the indication of terror had appeared in March 2018. At that time, Ahmadiyah 
congregation felt intimidation. The organizers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's movement movement
finally made a report. "At that time the regent (East Lombok) swiftly," said Saleh.

The trigger of the attack, according to Kesbangpoldagri NTB through his secretary, 
Kataruddin, is a fight of children who learn to teach to a member of Ahmadiyah congregation. The teacher allegedly transmit Ahmadiyah teachings.

Beyond that, "people there have long staked the activity of Ahmadiyah congregation," he said.

Monday (21/5) so the day of mediation. The district government mediates. 
The meeting was closed. Attended by representatives from Gereneng Village, Ahmadiyah congregation, Police, Kodim, Kejaksaan Negeri (Kejari), Ministry of Religious Affairs, and Office of National Unity and Politics of the Interior (Kesbangpoldagri) NTB.

However, the deadlocked mediation, so said Commander of East Lombok Kodim, 
Lt. Col. Agus Setiandar.


4 replies

  1. Sorry for the English, google translate was used.

    The ‘Lombok incident’ got and is still getting very wide coverage in the Indonesian press. Unfortunately the local police does not take much action and the local authorities also try their best which however is not good enough.

  2. Rafiq—hopefully are you fine , it seems to me that Police did not protect Ahmadiyyah community at all there—

    do not you consider to move from Lombok for the savety of your family and property?

    May Allah protect Rafiq and Family there. Amen
    All love ❤️

  3. My advice to Ahmadiyya Rafiq,

    Please do not provoke the extremist Muslim in Indonesia and Pakistan with the logo, or label of Ahmadiyyah in public until Government really protect the right of Ahmadiyyah to believe what they want.

    All love ❤️

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