Charity during Ramadan means public safety, religion at odds

Source: Free Press

As Ramadan nears, Rabih Najdi, the manager at the Super Greenland Store in Dearborn, is preparing to be asked to give to charity — sometimes by the same people who told him the same story of misfortune the last time they asked for help.


One year, he said, a woman was begging for money with a photo of a boy in a foreign country who she said needed a kidney.

“I saw her 10 years later,” Najdi said. “She has the same picture in her hand. And I told her, ‘I mean, come on, we cannot do that. It’s not good for Ramadan and stuff.’ But, I don’t know if she’s a Muslim either. Some people, they try to abuse the situation.”

Charity is a tenet of the Islamic holy month, which this year for many Muslims will begin May 15 and end June 14.

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  1. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    ==Charity is a tenet of the Islamic holy month, which this year for many Muslims will begin May 15 and end June 1=====

    Most clerics exaggerate to advice Muslim— it is not honest behavior— Every day is a good day to give charity— do not wait until Ramadhan.

    Similarity, Kaaba is Allah’s house and Asward is sent down from
    paradise— so those who pray and kiss the Stone of Kabaa and Asward will get blessing from Allah-/

    Similarity— those who die in Mecca will enter Paradise.

    Similarity— those who pray Shalat Taraweeh 11–23–35 etc will go Paradise whereas Allah and Prophet never command Muslim to do Shalat Taraweeh.

    All these exaggarationof clerics deceive or mislead Muslim.
    And then falll into sinful Syrick, very sad indeed. All exageration are mot written in Al Quran as God law— as Islamic law.

    This is my thiught from Progressive Muslim
    All our love ❤️

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