Shisha banned in Ramadan tents during Iftar in Dubai

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Filed on May 8, 2018

Ramadan tents were usually not segregated into smoking and non-smoking sections due to the additional cost.

Dubai Municipality has banned shisha or smoking in Ramadan tents throughout Dubai.

The ban is in place during the Iftar period from the moment the cannon is fired at dusk until 9pm.

It issued the ban to protect children or minors under the legal age (18 and under), pregnant women and non-smokers from smoking’s harmful effects.

The municipality is currently vetting applications for Ramadan tent permits. Two have been granted and eight applications submitted in the e-system are under consideration, according to Dr Nassim Rafi, Acting Director of Public Health and Safety Department at Dubai Municipality.

Ramadan tents were usually not segregated into smoking and non-smoking sections due to the additional cost, as per Ittihad report.

Rafa pointed out, however, that anyone can be asked to present their Emirates ID to verify their age before serving them.

The Dubai Municipality directed all those in charge of Ramadan tents to comply with the provisions of Federal Law No. 15 of 2009 on tobacco control and its executive regulations, including providing proper ventilation and air conditioning inside the tents. They need to obtain permits from the planning and buildings department at the municipality in conjunction with the civil defence. There cannot be additions or alterations to the approved plans, such as increasing the number of chairs and tables to attract additional customers. This would be in violation of space requirements determined as one square metre per smoking customer.

Hotels applying for permits to host Ramadan tents must provide a tent entrance separate from the hotel entrance.

Inspection teams will monitor Ramadan tents from Iftar time until they close. They must follow rules stipulating emergency exits, segregating smokers and non-smokers and providing separations between them. Smoking areas must be completely isolated from non-smoking areas.

Shisha areas cannot exceed 50 per cent of the non-smoking area.

“The services that all customers use, like the restroom, should be in a place closer to non-smokers, ensuring proper ventilation in smoking areas. Fire extinguishers must be placed according to the civil defense specifications.”

“All fabrics inside the tents should be fire resistant.”

Approval for tent permits are given after a municipality team conducts a field visit to the site to ensure the compliance of the tent layout with smoking and non-smoking rules, locations, and all safety stipulations prior to issuing a shisha licence.


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  1. Reblogged this on Progressive Islam. and commented:
    It does make sense at all if Clerics forbid Muslim to eat Pork meat whereas no one harm or death from eating Pork meat. Mullion people eat Pork meat are health than those who smoke cigaratte. Million People who smoke cigaratte are sick and then die.

    Whereas Islam is a Religion of Logical–Reasonable.
    It is not for any person to believe, except by the Leave of Allâh, and He will put the wrath on those who does not use his mind. Q.10 (100).
    He grant wisdom to whom He please; and he to whom wisdom is granted receive indeed a benefit overflowing; but none will grasp the message but men of understanding, Men who has knowledge.Q.2:269

    And if you obey most of those ( majority extremist Wahhabi Clerics ) on the earth, they will mislead you far away from Allâh’s Path. They follow nothing but conjectures, and they do nothing but lie.Q. 6:116.

    1. Muslim can you eat and drink all food and drink as long as NOT harm your health—conversely all foods and drinks can harm your health and others ARE FORBIDDEN or Haram.

    Muslim can eat meat of pork not to much and not to much drink alcohol—— smoke cigaratte is dangerous for your health.

    All love ❤️.
    I urge Editor of TMT to protect my right to respond or comment this good article. Please do not erase my respond. Thank you, God bless you all and Ahmadiyya.

    • You are the only Muslim I met who promote the eating of pork. OK, some eat it, but they know they are not supposed to. (and, yes, I will delete if you repeat yourself again and again).

    • Somi, I thought this rant of you preaching others to eat pork and drink alcohol was over but I was wrong. I have to realize that you can wake those who are asleep but not those who are awake yet ignorant.

      51.5% of Adults 18 years of age and over are currently regular drinkers for at least for the past 12 years as per PEW research so if they stop that will be a big problem because their bodies will crave it seriously as they are addicted to it slowly. That’s is what has happened slowly. Is this what you want everyone to do? Become a slave to addiction?

  2. Somi, FYI in the US alone 6 people die each day of Alcohol poisoning alone, that’s a lot more that what guns or furniture can do. And you want people to drink….. I think all intoxicating substances should be removed so people can feel their feelings instead of numbing their pain and there feelings. If they have problems and issues then they need to work on them and acknowledge them and see a psychiatrist or psychologist but drugs or alcohol only numbs the pain momentarily and forms an addiction. It takes a human and turns them into a selfish childish moronic animal who constantly tries to catch a high that is never possible after the first time. And they waste their life chasing that high numbing the paint and masking those feeing until they lose themselves, lose their identity and fade away into the waking dead. That is addiction. And it’s a seriously deadly disease, it’s no joke, so NO, Alcohol is forbidden in Islam for a very good reason. SOMI see below some more reasons

    According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), more than 80,000 people die from alcohol-related deaths each year in the United States.

    More than 15 million people struggle with an alcohol use disorder in the United State

    Teen alcohol use kills 4,700 people each year.

    Drunk driving costs the United States $199 billion every year.

    Men are more likely than women to commit suicide while under the influence of alcohol.

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