How your digital self could ‘live’ on after you die

Source: BBC News

Old people looking at photo albumImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
Image captionWhat if you could “talk” digitally to your descendants, not just appear in photo albums?

The death and funerals industry is due for a shake-up, a growing number of tech start-ups believe.

After you die, how do you fancy springing back to life in the form of a digital avatar?

Your digital ghost could jump onto Facebook and join in a light-hearted argument about Friends, or post Instagram updates reminiscing about that Italian road trip you took with an ex-lover.

Living a digital afterlife might sound strange – a possible episode of satirical TV show Black Mirror perhaps – but some start-ups are investing serious time and money in the concept.

Eternime, for example, plans to combine your online footprint – made up of everything you’ve ever posted on social media, your thoughts, smartphone pictures and so on – with artificial intelligence to create a digital version of yourself.

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