Ghana: Ahmadiyya Muslim Maulvi Muhammed Bin-Salih stresses for stronger Pan-African movement to unify & uplift Africans


Maulvi-Bin Salih addressing the Pan-African meeting

Ahmadiyya Muslim Ameer Maulvi-Bin Salih addressing the Pan-African meeting

The Ameer and Missionary in-charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Ghana, Maulvi Muhammed Bin-Salih, has stressed the need for a stronger Pan-African movement to unify and uplift the people of African descent in the diaspora to keep stronger ties with members in the rest of the world.

He said Pan-Africanism was a worldwide intellectual movement that encouraged and strengthened the bonds of solidarity between people of African descent, which came with the ideology that the people of Africa and other countries around the world were intertwined.

Pan-African unity

“Core Pan-Africanism was based on the belief that African people, both on the continent and in the diaspora shared not a common history but a common destiny as well,” Maulvi Bin-Salih, told the Daily Graphic on the sidelines of the just-ended 51st Convention of the Ahamdiyya Muslim Community (Jalsa Salana) in Hampshire, UK.


Earlier, the Islamic cleric had addressed a group of Pan-Africanist within the Ahmadiyya movement where he spoke on the role and vision of the PAAMA.

He spoke on the objectives of the association, which he enumerated as team building, strategic orientation, motivation and inspiration, removing constraints and cohesion, and made a case for the movement in the diaspora to foster a team spirit for a common cause.

He asked members of the … read more at source mentioned above.

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