India: Jamshedpur’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community organizes interfaith Peace Conference (Sarva Dharma Shanti Sammelan) at Sakchi to #PromotePeace


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Ahmadiyya community appeals for peace, holds meeting

Jamshedpur: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Jamshedpur organized an all-religion peace conference (Sarva Dharma Shanti Sammelan) in a hotel at Sakchi on Sunday with the view to promote peace and brotherhood in the city.

The special guest of the programme was the State Food Minister Saryu Rai. In his address, he said that it was the sacred duty of all citizens to rise above petty communal, religious, social or political differences and pay attended to works intended to ensure progress of mankind through sympathy, brotherhood and welfare of the needy.

He said that there was need for presenting better examples of peaceful coexistence between different communities in order to make the country most peaceful.

The programme was also addressed by Sheikh Mujahid Ahmad of the outfit who came here all the way from Gurdaspur in Punjab. In his address, Ahmad said that efforts should be made to bring people together and ensure that they have close and amicable relations with the members of other religious communities.

Among others present on the occasion included Zamal Ahmed, Mohammad Shakur Alam, Zaved Anwar, Shekh Farukh Ahmad, Nek Mohammad and several residents of Ranchi, Dhanbad, Ramgarh, Chakulia, Mosabani, Dumka and Deoghar.

Last updated:Sunday, February 12, 2017

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