Despite appearances, Israel is in for a rough ride under Donald Trump

They might get the US embassy moved to Jerusalem – but they might also be very worried that Steve Bannon is going to provoke a war with Iran. What did the US government mean, when it said Iran was ‘on notice’ after its recent missile test? Was that a warning of dislike – or war?

So that’s it. The guy is crackers. There’s no stopping him. And Steve Bannon appears to have his hands on the levers. Poor old Jared Kushner, the son-in-law with the much-trumpeted power to “tame” the American president, couldn’t prevent that disgraceful White House Holocaust statement which somehow just failed to mention the Jews of Europe. Don’t tell me it was left out to appease the Armenians – whose own 1915 genocide was always left out by cowardly US presidents to avoid upsetting the Turks.

But now the White House is making some Israelis deeply concerned. In an extraordinary attack, Bradley Burston of the leftist Haaretz newspaper has fired off a volley at the White House. “It’s an inconceivably scary thought,” he wrote this week, “that the Trump administration is simply winging it, breakneck, disrupting and detonating and taking America apart – and all of it without a plan. But here’s the even scarier possibility – that there is, in fact, a plan.”


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  1. Do the readers of TMT recall? That I was worried all along, also under previous Presidents, that in fact there was a plan. The US foreign policy was not ‘totally out of control’, but brought well planned destruction and destabilization? And the plan progresses ?

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