Why do US ex-officials keep peddling their same failures?


We have just passed through quite an extraordinary period of international activity on how to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The UN Security Council resolution declaring Israeli settlements as illegal under international law was followed by the US forcefully speaking out against Israeli settlements that block the path to a permanent peace agreement.

Then the French convened an international gathering of 70 states that reaffirmed the need for a two-state solution.

The Vatican chipped in by recognising a Palestine embassy at the Vatican.

This is fascinating for several reasons.

It reflects an almost total international consensus on the two-state solution as the best outcome to aim for, which also assumes that Israeli settlement-colonies are illegal and need to be dismantled or swapped for land given to the Palestinians in exchange.

It shows that the world is deeply preoccupied with the conflict and finding ways to resolve it, which totally rebuffs the common Israeli official view that our region has other priorities than Palestine.

MORE:   http://jordantimes.com/opinion/rami-g-khouri/why-do-us-ex-officials-keep-peddling-their-same-failures

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