Pope Francis Completely Trivializes The Reasons Why Women Seek Abortions

Source: Huffington Post

By Carol Kuruvilla Associate Religion Editor

In the years since his election, Pope Francis has appeared to soften the church’s historically punitive tone towards women who have had abortions. But one thing he hasn’t done is change traditional church doctrine on this complex and evolving issue. The message of the church is still the same ― that abortion is a grave sin.

Francis revealed some of this attitude during his weekly general audience on Wednesday.

In a wide-ranging sermon cautioning against worshipping idols like beauty, wealth, and power, Pope Francis slipped in a few thoughts that illustrated just how detached he may be from the realities of women’s lives.

He described a situation he said he’d heard about during his time in Argentina. It was about a woman whom he said had an abortion just to keep her figure.

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