USA: Chicago’s Ahmadiyya Muslims honored by Sierra Lone’s Muslim Community

“Islam based on Five pillars. Muslim must follow them to make peace for all”, said Imam Shamshad of Ahmadiyya Muslims Chicago.

Report: by Iqbal Majeed


On Saturday, December 10, 2016, the Sierra Lone’s Muslim Community in Chicago organized a community program to honor one of their elders who had just returned after performing Hajj.

USA: Chicago's Ahmadiyya Muslims honored by Sierra Lone's Muslim Community

Imam Shamshad was the chief guest on that occasion. Mr.Mashhood Mirza, Mr.Iqbal Majeed, and three children Amjad Ahmad, Hamza Ahmad and Raheel Ahmad also accompanied Imam Shamshad.

The ceremony started after Maghrib and Isha prayers. Hamza Ahmad did the Adhan. Imam Shamshad lead the prayers.

The function began with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Mr. Mashhood Ahmad Mirza. President of the Sierra Leone Muslim community Mr. Iqbal, General Secretary Mr. Ibrahim, Imam Mohammad Kallo The Host, and Sheikh Kamara and other members of the community welcomed the members from Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. More than fifty people attended the ceremony including men, women, adults, and children.

In his welcome address the President of Sierra Leone community Mr Iqbal praised the services of Ahmadiyya in Sierra Leone in the field of Education and health. Imam Kallon also addressed the gathering and mentioned relationship of Ahmadiyya Muslim with them, then Imam Shamshad was invited to speak, Imam shamshad elaborated on the five pillars of Islam and highlighted the importance and purpose of the different kinds of prayers in Islam. He also mentioned about the importance of reading and understanding of Quran and the significance of spreading the message of peace in the communities and around the world. He also talked about the Islamic teachings and Hajj.

Imam Kamara talked about doing good deeds for the welfare of humanity.

The function also included a question answer session. Members of the Sierra Leone Muslim community asked various religious related questions from Imam Shamshad who answered their questions in great depth. In the speech and during the question answer session, Imam Shamshad delivered the real message of Islam to the Sierra Muslim Community.

Sierra Leone Muslim community requested Imam Shamshad to present Gifts to the elder who had returned after performing Hajj.

giftImam presented to all those present to kind of leaflets “Islam the Religion of Peace and Tolerance” and “The Messiah has Come”.


In the end, Imam Shamshad Ahmad lead the silent dua and thanked the Sierra Leone Muslim Community for the invitation and a great dinner. He also invited them to visit Ahmadi Muslims’ Bait ul Jamaay Mosque and also offered them to hold any of their religious functions at their mosque and offered the services of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Chicago.

President of the Sierra Leone Muslim Community thanked Imam Shamshad Ahmad and his team for honoring the occasion inspite of snowfall and extreme cold weather.

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