Some more home truths

Source: Dawn

Punjab is one province which has stayed with the tradition. It is one unit in the federation that has not got any break from rule by Gen Zia’s associates. Even when the unit was ruled by the PPP or its allies the chief minister, the man at the helm — be it a Manzoor Wattoo or anyone else — had to have had some kind of closeness with the general who is held responsible for everything that is bad in this country.

To add to this distinction, the province continues to periodically provide those who have a dark sense of humour a few sticks to beat it with. At one point in recent history, the subject of the debate was a description of the Baloch said to have been taken from a textbook. It projected the Baloch as a quarrelsome band that had foreign origins. Things were stirred but given that we inhabit environs that do not quite encourage offences against the Baloch it was understandable it didn’t quite reach a stage where anyone could make a real demand for inquiry.

Some of the other ‘marginalised sections’ would be happy to note that they have been considered far worthier of a protest raised in their name. For instance, women.


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