Month: July 2016

Worn-out clichés

Jul 27,2016 – JORDAN TIMES EDITORIAL The final communiqué of the 27th Arab Summit is disappointing to say the least. This disappointment comes as no surprise, since most of the results of previous Arab summits have been the same. The decisions of the attending Arab leaders or their representatives paid […]

USA: Ahmadi Muslims from Bucks County to take part in spiritual conference in Harrisburg

Source: A small contingent of Muslims from Bucks County are among more than 5,000 people expected to attend a three-day spiritual conference in Harrisburg. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA will lead the annual peace conference, which aims to “reach into Islam’s fundamentals as practiced by Prophet Muhammad to teach how to be […]

UK: Ahmadiyya Muslim Community believes – Divine Caliphate is a peaceful & spiritual experience

Source: One in three Britons believe Islam promotes violence in the United Kingdom, with 72 percent saying most people in Britain view the religion negatively. In a survey conducted by ComRes to assess Britain’s attitude towards Islam, 2,012 people were chosen to represent the adult population on behalf of the […]

USA: Grace United Church & Ahmadiyya Muslim Community meet to discuss the dangers of social media & how it directly effects religious stereotypes

Source: Grace United Church met with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community on Wednesday night in order to discuss the dangers of social media and how it can directly effect religious stereotypes, as well as hatred. In addition, topics were discussed concerning the new age of modern technology and how it is […]

Press Release – Statement of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community India following France Church Attack

Source: Tariq Ahmad. K Incharge Press & Media Office, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at India Mohalla Ahmaidyya, Qadian-143516, Punjab Website: | | Email: | Twitter: @Ahmadiyya Press India PRESS RELEASE STATEMENT OF AHMADIYYA MUSLIM COMMUNITY FOLLOWING FRANCE CHURCH ATTACK All members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community throughout the […]

The Islamic elephant in the room

Source: Times of Israel. Rabbi Sacks has applied himself to this mission with impressive diligence, persistence and intelligence, as well as captivating grace and humility. In this regard, he should serve as an inspiration to us all. As for his messages themselves, here the situation is more complicated: some of […]

Sex, lies, and circumcisions

Source: Times of Israel The voice on the other line introduced himself as Ralph (all of the names in this story have been changed) and simply asked: “Do you come to Tel Aviv to do britot?” I answered, “Yes.” He told me that he needed a mohelfor this coming Thursday. […]