Month: December 2015

Liberal senator warns against Abbott’s ‘simplistic’ call for reformation in Islam

Guardian: A federal government frontbencher has warned against “simplistic” calls for a reformation within Islam, arguing “megaphone politics” could jeopardise Australia’s relations with regional neighbours such as Indonesia. In a rebuke to former prime minister Tony Abbott, Concetta Fierravanti-Wells said calls for reform within Islam required “a reality check and […]

A case for a persecuted people

Daily Times: Abid Hashmi was garlanded and praised for his ‘heroism’ for calling Ahmedis dogs. The shopkeepers of Hafeez Centre, in their persistence of hate, have put up even bigger posters calling on the state to make Ahmedis wear their religious identity, calling for their apartheid A campaign that strategically […]

WorldViews: Saudi Arabia’s ‘Islamic military alliance’ against terrorism makes no sense

By Adam Taylor  – December 17, 20115 Saudi Arabia’s crown prince and defense minister Mohammed bin Salma on Tuesday announced the formation of a 34-state Islamic military coalition to combat terrorism. (Reuters) This week, Saudi Arabia announced that it was forming a new “Islamic military alliance” devoted to fighting global […]