Video: MINI HOMES: Ikea units brought in for asylum seekers

Canton Aargau is short of asylum shelters. The authorities now want to set up mobile Ikea units as temporary homes for 300 people. (SRF/

The units are small, but easy to install. They offer space for at least four people and cost CHF1,200. The mini homes can’t be heated though and have to be set up indoors in halls. For Aargau senior civil servant Susanne Hochuli they are a good alternative to underground bunkers, where a lot of people typically have to share a big sleeping space.

Cantons Basel and Fribourg are also considering using the Ikea units. For Peter Gomm, president of the cantonal conference of social affairs directors, the shelters are a good alternative for Aargau, which is currently is struggling to find enough housing. But he feels bunkers do still have some advantages: They are already fully equipped and offer heating, electricity and water.

The units will be installed inside these former industrial buildings in the community of Frick. But before the 300 new residents can make them their temporary home, the authorities still need to figure out how to make the location secure and ensure all the usual regulations are in place.


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