Talk ideas, not burritos, when discussing Hillary


by Fareed Zakaria, The Daily Star, Lebanon


The discussion of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy has, so far, thoroughly explored her video announcement, restaurant choices, clothes, health, ethics and, of course, husband.

America, like most advanced industrial countries, needs reform and restructuring.

Is this the greatest and most urgent problem facing the U.S. today?

This is why America has outperformed almost every other advanced economy since the global crisis of 2008 .

On the other hand, America is in dire need of investment – in physical and human capital. In the same WEF report, the United States ranks 12th in overall infrastructure, 24th in quality of electricity supply and a stunning 101st in mobile telephone subscriptions.

Social mobility – the ability to rise out of the economic class you were born into – has stalled in America in large measure because poor children have inadequate nutrition, child care and education.

The United States needs to create jobs in sectors and industries of the future.



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