Day: January 14, 2015

I was terrified

Source: “What the hell are these bastards doing in my country?” I heard my otherwise calm and usually cultured director, Steve, yelling at the top of his lungs. It was Thursday morning and I was sitting in my office located in South West London’s famous Putney Bridge. Although his yelling caught me […]

Saudi cleric issues fatwa on snowmen

Saudi cleric issues fatwa on snowmen Religious leader forbids building of anti-Islamic idols that might resemble human beings, after winter storm in north of country Reuters in Dubai The Guardian, Monday 12 January 2015 17.18 GMT The building of snowmen has been forbidden by a top Saudi cleric. Photograph: Vadim […]

Islam’s Problem With Blasphemy

NY Times: WILL “moderate Muslims” finally “speak up” against their militant coreligionists? People around the world have asked (but, as in the past, have not all seriously examined) this question since last week’s horrific attacks on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and on a kosher supermarket in Paris. In […]

Coddled kids paying high price: expert

Illawarra Mercury: by Kate McIlwain — Psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg A generation of “snowplough” parents have pampered their children so much that they are driving a mental health epidemic among today’s teenagers, a leading Australian child psychologist says. Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, a high-profile parenting expert who spoke to teachers and parents […]